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steirischer herbst 2007
40 Jahre steirischer herbst

27/09/2007 – Nature Theater of Oklahoma: No Dice
29/09/2007 – Theater im Bahnhof: Between Bones and Rockets
30/09/2007 – Black market for useful knowledge & non-knowledge
13/10/2007 – Close Enough Walking Conference

44.500 visitors, 270 events on 25 festival days, over 700 artists, theorists and other participants, more than 92% ticket sales for stage events and concerts - this is the steirischer herbst 2007 résumé in numbers.

Michael Pinter (A/D)
Dom im Berg

Close Enough, too much and too little in everyday life, geo-politics and aesthetics »more

More than 200 journalists were accredited at steirischer herbst 2007. The résumé drawn by the media can be found

Images of the Festival - steirischer herbst 2007  »here

International Festival:
The Theatre at Karmeliterplatz »more
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They are diarists and writers-in-residence, minute-takers and observers. They note, sketch, photograph ...

Randnotizen : 29/10/2007 : Thomas Kapielski : Donnerwetter