Land of Human Rights
Take-away posters
40% art
30% posters
30% action

“Land of Human Rights” is about the status quo of human rights in Europe from the viewpoint of the visual arts: analytical and visionary. The long-term activities in six countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Austria – draw attention to the fact that human rights are frequently not respected even in Europe. The multinational co-operation of artists, activists and theorists is the starting-point for an examination on a broad European scale. In Graz, the self-proclaimed city of human rights, “Land of Human Rights” kicks off with a set of four posters dealing with different aspects of the current human rights discourse.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, < rotor > association for contemporary art, Galerija ŠKUC, Ljubljana, g-mk | galerija miroslav kraljeviæ, Zagreb, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, Faculty of Art and Design - JEPU, Ústí nad Labem & riesa efau / Motorenhalle, Dresden

h. arta group (RO), Sanja Ivekovic (HR), Aydan Murteazoglu (TR), Isa Rosenberger (A)

Curated by
Margarethe Makovec (A) & Anton Lederer (A)

The take-away posters are available at various locations in Graz and Europe.