steirischer herbst 2007

Discussions between visitors and artists, curators and designers are of particular importance to us. With the aid of various services, we open up space for questions and criticism, for active debate and for experiencing art.
It is particularly important to us that as many different sections of the public as possible take part in this dialogue. In addition to the public events, we therefore also offer numerous programmes for special groups such as teachers, students, trainees and children and youth psychiatry patients at LSF. For children and young people we offer special programmes in co-operation with Kindermuseum FRida & freD, Afro-Asiastisches Institut, Forum Stadtpark, Kunsthaus Graz, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Neue Galerie Graz and < rotor >. Please refer to our special programme brochure for details.
Information and registration:
Sabine Achleitner p +43 316 82 30 07 71,

Sign language

Selected events will be translated into sign language. Registration: Steirischer Landesverband der Gehörlosenvereine.
f +43 316 68 02 71 1,

Inductive audio equipment

Selected events will provide a guide system (radio transmitter with inductive neck loop) for people with hearing disabilities. A hearing-aid (or CI) with integrated induction coil is required to use this guide system.
Registration: Sabine Achleitner: p +43 316 82 30 07 71,

20/09 - 14/10/2007
steirischer herbst
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