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Every steirischer herbst brings a new place for artists and audiences to meet, a place for talks, discussions, parties: After redesigning the Künstlerhaus last year, the festival is taking things a few steps further in 2007 and building a whole theatre at the Karmeliterplatz in Graz.
Not just another high-end architecture project for tourist guides in Graz, but rather a performance, show, building, interaction und social structure. The temporary intervention by International Festival has long since begun – in the form of international workshops, meetings, discussions with participants of the fields of architecture, art, theory and industry: Before the actual building is finished, The Theatre will be visible as a series of smaller events and interventions. Individual architectural, structural or social aspects of The Theatre will be emphasised and implemented: From the “site” itself to “sound” and “light” to the “community” and the “foyer”…

The Theatre Events in Summer

Mon 18/06, 7 - 9.30 pm
The site        ... is marked out.

Sat 14/07
The announcement        ... is made on posters around the city.
Confetti Urbanism

Sat 04/08
The sound / the light        ... makes noise & shines.
Celebration as Architecture

Sat 11/08, 6 pm
The organisation        ... of The Theatre moves in.
Moving in party-information-night with outdoor cinema and free popcorn

Sat 18/08, 7 pm
The interval        ... is spent chatting.

Sat 25/08, 2 pm
The community        ... is created.
Family Day

Sat 01/09, 8 pm
The foyer        ... is in bars everywhere in Graz.
A social speed dating pubcrawling extravaganca

Mon 03/09
Work        ... starts on the building.

Fri 21/09, 9.30 pm
The opening         ... is celebrated.

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» 18/06 - 21/09/2007
The Theatre in summer
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