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Close Enough – Music and the immediate
On sewing and cooking, lying and loving, listening to radio and listening to music

Christian Scheib (A) & Susanna Niedermayr (A)

We are rarely close enough, and then too close when music touches, perhaps even captivates us. “Close enough” as a musical, aesthetic category can indeed mean emotion, the directness of the effect, the immediate, and also reflection on the immediate. But it can also mean an immediacy of conception and production of music, when – in addition to the detached, sophisticated music industry machine of institutionalised orchestras – the focus is also on our own body, our immediate own action, the self-made, the private sphere, the emphatically subjective, even the intimacy of the individual.
Key musikprotokoll productions this year operate in the wide field between “close enough” and ”too close” and between the poles of a conceptual immediacy on the one hand and an emotional immediacy on the other.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, ORF Radio Österreich 1 & ORF Landesstudio Steiermark


Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL/D/GB)
Opening steirischer herbst 2007
Thu 20/09 & Fri 21/09, 7.30 pm, Helmut-List-Halle
"Closed Enough"

Environmental Sound Matter
Series of current electronic music concerts

Lionel Marchetti (F)     “Concert de musique concrète - L‘incandescence de l‘étoile“
Wed 26/09, 9.30 pm, Former Medienfabrik

Francisco López (E)     “untitled, environmental sound matter“
Philip Jeck (GB)
Wed 03/10, 9.30 pm, Dom im Berg

Jacob Kirkegaard (DK/D)    “4 Rooms“
Wed 10/10, 9.30 pm, Former Medienfabrik
Goodiepal / Gæoudjiparl / Owl Project / FM3 and Friends
Tue 02/10, 9.30 pm, Generalmusikdirektion

Goodiepal/Gæoudjiparl     "Let’s Move Some Planets"
Austrian première

Owl Project (GB)     "iLog"  Austrian première

FM3 and Friends     "Play the Buddha Machine"

Thomalla / Pauset / Mundry / Spahlinger
Thu 04/10, 7.30 pm, Minoritensaal

Hans Thomalla (D)     "Behebungen" (2007) Austrian première

Brice Pauset (F)     "Les voix humaines" (2006)
Austrian première

Isabel Mundry (D)/Brice Pauset (F)     "Die Vorüberlaufenden" (2007)

Isabel Mundry (D)     "Sandschleifen" (2004-06) Austrian première

Mathias Spahlinger (D)     "adieu m’amour" (1983)
Institut für transakustische Forschung / Konvrzek / Kalivoda
Thu 04/10, 9.30 pm, Generalmusikdirektion

Institut für transakustische Forschung (A)     "Asymptotische Versuchsanordnungen"

Jirí Konvrzek, LukአKalivoda (CZ)     "concert"
Austrian première

Oehring / Furrer / Jakober / Haas
Fri 05/10, 7.30 pm, Minoritensaal

Helmut Oehring (D)     "Mich.Stille" (2001)
Austrian première

Beat Furrer (A)     "Fragmentos de un libro futuro" (2007)

Peter Jakober (A)     Neues Werk (2007)

Georg Friedrich Haas (A)     Neues Werk (2007)
Hartman / Bastien
Fri 05/10, 9.30 pm, Dom im Berg

Hanna Hartman (S)     "Auf’s glatteis"
Austrian première

Hanna Hartman (S)     "Arba Da Karba"
Austrian première

Hanna Hartman (S)     Neues Werk

Pierre Bastien (F)     "Popular Mechanics"
Austrian première

Anita Hofer (A), Cloed Baumgartner (A), Jogi Hofmüller (A), Reni Hofmüller (A)
Sat 06/10, 3 - 6pm, Venue is to be announced
"Sewteeth Vol. 05"

Cerha / Haas / Neuwirth
Gala celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ö1, musikprotokoll and steirischer herbst
Sat 06/10, 7.30 pm, Stefaniensaal

Friedrich Cerha (A)     "Aderngeflecht" (2007)

Georg Friedrich Haas (A)     Violinkonzert

Friedrich Cerha (A)     "Momente" (2005)
Austrian première

Olga Neuwirth (A)     "miramondo multiplo" (2006)

Das Gemüseorchester (A)
Sat 06/10, 10.30 pm, Saal Steiermark

Gander / Suppan / Kubin / Dienz / Walshe / Friedrich
Sun 07/10, 7.30pm, Minoritensaal

Bernhard Gander (A)     "King’s message"

Wolfgang Suppan (A)     Neues Werk (2007)

Felix Kubin (D)     "Gameboy Melodies" (2007)
Austrian première

Christof Dienz (A)     "Amplifly" (2007)
Austrian première

Jennifer Walshe (IRL)      "a sensitive numbers for the laydeez" (2004)
Austrian première

Burkhard Friedrich (D)     Neues Werk (2007)

Michael Pinter (A/D)
Sun 07/10, 9.30 pm, Dom im Berg
"Notation of Auto_face/facing Extended"

Tetsuo Kogawa (J)
Sun 07/10, 11 pm, Dom im Berg
"de-Radia transversal"

musikprotokoll Installations

sha. (A)
"On loungers and cushions"
02/10 - 07/10, 10 am - 6 pm, stadtmuseumgraz

Pierre Bastien (F)
"Somewhere in the Dark"
05/10 - 07/10, 10 am - 6 pm, Dom im Berg

musikprotokoll Workshops
Information at:
Only for registered participants

Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL/D/GB)     "Architone: How to play a building?"
26/09 - 28/09, 12 am - 6 pm, Helmut-List-Halle

Public presentations
"Closed Enough: Architone" - two practical experiments
Tue 02/10 + Wed 03/10, 7.30 pm, Helmut-List-Halle
Tetsuo Kogawa (J)     "micro-transmitter workshop"
Sun 07/10, 2 - 6 pm, Medienkunstlabor

20/09 - 14/10/2007
steirischer herbst
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