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Become a steirischer herbst partner!

We base our sponsoring activities for steirischer herbst on the unlimited possibilities of creative co-operations, looking for partners for whom cultural sponsoring is part of their corporate philosophy. By identifying joint interests and promoting mutual inspiration, we aim to harmonise the individual contributions of our partners with the ideas of steirischer herbst in order to generate fruitful synergies. In this way we aim to achieve real added value both for the sponsor companies and for the festival.

If you would like to engage in a partnership with steirischer herbst, you will have the opportunity to present your company in an open, innovative and forward-looking context. By means of linking up with steirischer herbst, you can not only reach new customers but also enhance your company’s image and demonstrate social responsibility. At the same time, you will be helping steirischer herbst meet the high expectations with the aid of your financial and creative contribution.

In our concept for steirischer herbst, one of the most important interdisciplinary festivals in Europe, we attach great importance to personal service and continuity. Longstanding connections are not only based on trust but, thanks to mutual understanding, also form an excellent foundation for successful and original co-operation. A longer-term commitment is also intended to help you intensify your image and ensure the lasting effect of your measures and investments.

We would be pleased to have you provide your products and expertise as a partner and sponsor of steirischer herbst in order to enrich the appearance of the festival. At the same time, you can take advantage of the opportunity of reaching customers through your company’s creativity in this age of information explosion. As such, you can achieve higher attention levels by expending much smaller amounts than on classical advertising.

Depending on the scope of the particular co-operation you can present your company as a sponsor, festival sponsor, main sponsor, project sponsor or partner of steirischer herbst.

Christine Conrad-Eybesfeld
Culture Management

p +43 664 5373008
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