Home visits
10% living room
50% literature
40% reading

You usually only find writers at bookshop readings, literature centres, book fairs and festivals. Carefully introduced, in a clearly marked-out setting. Literature presentation takes place in the homogeneous structures of the professional literature industry.
The books, meanwhile, are at home. Inhabiting our rooms, sharing our living-rooms and bedrooms with us, getting to know our friends and family, and more familiar with our habits than hardly anyone else. “Home visits” gives 12 writers the chance to visit their works where they live: For two days, writers will visit the private living-rooms, flat-shares, and smoking rooms of various inhabitants of Graz. Not squatting, not forcing something on people, but rather the right of hospitality. Twenty-four families invite twelve writers, opening up their homes to their friends and acquaintances.
In a private atmosphere, there will be a direct exchange between the readers and writers. The author speaks his work, a sensorial and extraordinary coffee-table experience for hosts and guests. A situation that creates a space in which established structures of interaction and presentation are broken apart and dissolved into closeness.
At the final, public literature festival on the third evening, everyone will come together again to hear short readings and take part in discussions.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & literatur h aus graz

Wed 03/10 & Thu 04/10
Home visits
You can reserve limited seats at the Literaturhaus.

Fri 05/10, 7.30 pm
Literature festival
Literaturhaus Graz
Admission free

Aykol Esmahan (TR/D), Antonio Fian (A), Barbara Frischmuth (A), Daniel Glattauer (A), Edith Kneifl (A), Lydia Mischkulnig (A), Kurt Palm (A), Stefan Schmitzer (A), Raoul Schrott (A), Michael Stavaricˇ (A), Marlene Streeruwitz (A) et al.

Agnes Altziebler (A), Silvana Cimenti (A), Riki Erwa-Winter (A) & Gerhard Melzer (A)

Literaturhaus Graz