Lola Arias (RA) Biografie
Sueño con revolver / Striptease / El amor es un francotirador
60% theatre
12% music
21% literature
7% melancholy

A glimpse into the past, the future and into a dream. The theatre trilogy by young Argentinean writer and director Lola Arias sets out – sometimes with absurd humour, sometimes with passionate melancholy – in search of closeness and distance in love.
(Revolver Dream / Striptease / Love is a Sniper)

The first glimpse is at post-nuclear Buenos Aires and life as in a science fiction, with months of power failures, organised crime fighting for control of the city, and men and women sleeping with a revolver under their pillows: “Revolver Dream” dances along the line between dream and reality.
“Striptease” continues where loves ends: While a real baby sits on stage, looking, sleeping, the parents fight out their final phone duel. If a baby is the fruit of love and love were to die, might the baby then commit suicide?
“Love is a Sniper”, the third glimpse, shows an eleven-year-old girl as the host of an unusual contest of unhappy love between six potential suicides playing Russian roulette. One bullet in the revolver, everyone has one go … while a garage band plays on and on as if there were no tomorrow. Six biographies at a crossroads, that Lola Arias meshes together in a strange blend of monologues, songs, crying contests, boxing matches, kisses and choreographies: to form a confession, a concert, a dance theatre in which a different character dies in every performance. With three short pieces in one evening, for the first time in Europe steirischer herbst is presenting a production of one of the most interesting newcomer on the Argentinean theatre scene.

Produced by postnuclear productions

Thu 11/10, Fri 12/10 & Sat 13/10, 7.30 pm

Spanish language with German subtitles
Talk following the third performance

Dom im Berg
Lola Arias & Alejo Moguillansky (Love is a Sniper)

Lola Arias

Luciana Acuña, Lola Arias, Inés Efron, Umaia Kanoore Edul, Esteban Lamothe, Alfredo Martín, Gonzalo Martínez, Julia Martinez Rubio, Natalia Miranda, Ignacio Rogers & Lucia Sternichia Kaplan

Luciana Acuña

Live music
Ulises Conti & Andrés Ravioli

Ulises Conti & Lola Arias

Set design
Leandro Tartaglia

Light design
Matías Sendón

Lola Arias