plan b (D,GB) Biografie
A GPS audio tour of forty years of art on the streets of Graz
16% stories
59% radio play
21% history
4% fresh air

Forty years of steirischer herbst have not only written a little bit of history, but also a whole lot of stories. The stories are the material from which the English artist duo plan b (Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers) develop their GPS-controlled audio tour, mapping, investigating and uncovering the events that have taken place on the streets of Graz during the festival: Art in public space, sculptures, performances, happenings and concerts reappear where they once took place.
Subjective mingles with factual, believed with experienced, former makers, artists and visitors of steirischer herbst have their say along with barkeepers, taxi drivers, baker’s wives or policemen … What traces has steirischer herbst left behind – not only in art history but also in personal biographies?
On the basis of forty different stories, there evolves an acoustic landscape that festival visitors can traverse as they experience the city from a new angle. With the aid of ingenious GPS technology, it is possible to move around the city centre of Graz independently and along your own routes (avoiding areas with no reception), following the voices of the past. The subjective stories thus become new walks, combinations, experiences: Everyone who sets out will experience a different history of steirischer herbst – depending on what routes she or he follows.

further programme announcement: The exhibition Reading Back And Forth broaches the issue of forty years of the festival, looking not so much into the past as into the present.

Commissioned by steirischer herbst
Co-produced by stadtmuseumgraz
With kind support from Hewlett Packard, mscape & heidenspass

22/09 - 13/10

The Theatre
Mon - Sun 10 am - 6 pm
Tue - Sun 10 am - 6 pm

The Theatre / Karmeliterplatz
plan b / Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers (D/GB)
In co-operation with Anna Katharina Laggner (A) & Johann Puntigam (A)

The equipment is available at stadtmuseumgraz and at festival centre The Theatre throughout the entire festival by leaving some form of ID or a credit card as a deposit.

plan b