Kissogram / Pascal Fuhlbrügge (D)
Club Große Freiheit Nr. 5 / Club
19% dance
57% music
24% party

From charmingly casual to loud and impetuous – Kissogram, the dandies of dark electro-disco appear in many guises: Rock ’n’ roll from synthesizers and drum computers, danceable electro beats, New Wave laconicism, cool Velvet Underground aesthetic, but also a feeling for Bowiesque pop hymns and small minor melodies.
The music of this electronica and Indie pioneer Pascal Fuhlbrügge (formerly Kolossale Jugend) has become more brusque, concentrated and glittery: Abstract Glam. He is coming to steirischer herbst with new material, embarking on an improvised foray into the current possibilities of club music.

Club Große Freiheit Nr.5

Sa 29/09, 21.30

Ehem. Medienfabrik