Affection and alienation
88% visual arts
12% twin town friendship

It was in Graz of all places that Ilja Kabakov, the internationally most successful contemporary Russian artist, began his world career. Since then, the late eighties, the city has proved again and again to be a suitable place for encounters of artists from Moscow and Graz – encounters that left lasting marks above all in Styria but also in the Russian capital. But what connects two so different cities and their art scenes? Moscow is at least fifty times the size of Graz. And the existing relations also make little sense in terms of institutional logic ...
“Moscow-Graz” is complementary to the “Graz-Moscow” exhibition that took place in Moscow in 2005, and sets out to explore the paths of intersections and points of contact between those artists exposed to direct mutual influence and those who were close to each other unexpectedly, and indeed contrary to expectation.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Forum Stadtpark
In co-operation with National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moskau

22/09 - 21/10

Tue - Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Sat & Sun 2 - 6 pm

Forum Stadtpark
Aristarch C¡ernyšev (RU), Vladislav Efimov (RU), G.R.A.M. (A), Vladimir Salnikov (RU), Bernhard Wolf (A) et al.

Curated by
Irina Gorlova (RU) & Herwig G. Höller (A)

Forum Stadtpark